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naturally_sadie's Journal

Fans of Naturally, Sadie!
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This community is for the fans of the TV show, "Naturally, Sadie" on the Disney Channel, new episodes on Saturdays and Sundays @ 6/5c. "Naturally, Sadie" is about a nature-oriented 14-year-old girl, Sadie Hawthorne, and her trials and tribulations as she tries to survive in the wilderness called R.B. Bennett High School. Sadie has a knack for being stubborn in her pursuit of knowledge, but she also has a passion for wildlife. She wants to one day become a great naturalist. She has a brother, Hal Hawthorne, who takes pride in making Sadie look like an idiot and takes pride in laughing at her misfortunes, but when it all boils down to it, he is there for her in her time of need. She has two friends: Margaret Browning-Levesque, a social butterfly, and Sadie's BEST friend, as well as her fashion conscience, and then there is Rain Papadakis, Rain is short for Rainbow, and he is just a cute and nice kid trying to hind his place in high school. He provides the clueless but hilarious elements to the story; he's ALWAYS got a joke to tell. There's her mom, Jane Hawthorne, of course, whom is a novelist, and when she's not on tour in some other town, she's either in her office working or lounging on the couch. Sadie's dad, Walter Hawthorne, is a straight-shooting engineer. He can build many things with tools, or bake a complicated cake or two. Sadie's heartthrob, Owen Anthony, is a guy with A LOT of popularity, but he doesn't have an ego. On Sadie's scale of survival, he is DEFINITELY the fittest of them all. All in all, this is a story of a girl who just wants to fit into school and not remain a social outcast or freak or anything. Who doesn't want that? ;D
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